Kaseya is the latest ransomware victim in a string of attacks that have also hit major fuel supplier Colonial Pipeline and meat processor JBS Foods, which could potentially cost tens of millions of dollars and affect more than 1,000 other companies.
Remote Hacker Caught Poisoning Florida City Water Supply.
The Israeli government has issued an alert to organizations in the water sector following a series of cyberattacks aimed at water facilities.

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Our suite of solutions will help your utility improve efficiency, reliability and effectiveness.

For example, we provide network threat detection to keep your utility running smoothly and efficiently. Dial 877-747-3656 today to discuss your needs with a team member.

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HydroPro Solutions installs AMI and AMR water meter systems that automate the water, wastewater, and stormwater management process in a cost-effective manner that sustains utility companies for the foreseeable future. Networks can be continuously monitored, allowing utilities to find evidence of issues before they surface.

We also install and support related equipment, like sewer monitoring systems and network threat detection. With any of our products, we offer comprehensive training and round-the-clock operating services and support.

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Managing Water and Wastewater Resources

HydroPro Solutions will be your partner to improve efficiency, reliability and effectiveness.

We install monitoring hardware and software, provide training, as well as offer operating services and support so you benefit from the results. Dial 877-747-3656 today to discuss your needs with a team member.

Address all facets of your utility

Water utilities across the country are literally leaking money. They take in, treat, and pump water to customers but can lose up to 30% of their product to leaks in the distribution system. That’s water that has been treated but will never be billed.

HydroPro Solutions can help recover losses, both financially and in the resource your utility provides—all while strengthening the protection of your network operations, enhancing employee safety, and improving the efficiency of your day-to-day procedures.