Kaseya is the latest ransomware victim in a string of attacks that have also hit major fuel supplier Colonial Pipeline and meat processor JBS Foods, which could potentially cost tens of millions of dollars and affect more than 1,000 other companies.
Remote Hacker Caught Poisoning Florida City Water Supply.
The Israeli government has issued an alert to organizations in the water sector following a series of cyberattacks aimed at water facilities.

Providing Smart Water solutions to the costly utility challenges


In today’s economy, non-paying customers can put your business in the red. With fluctuating gas prices, utilities waste even more dollars by sending employees to shut off the water onsite. The entire process for just one customer could cost hundreds of dollars, assuming they don’t encounter dangerous animals, inaccessible locations, or even aggressive civilians.

With Aquana, there is a way to stay in your office and remotely shut off and turn on, the customer’s water. Our remote-control smart valves along with our cloud-based software creates automated workflows that save you time, money and keep your employees safe, while eliminating costly truck rolls.


AVS Smart Valve

The Aquana AVS (Actuator Valve Serial) AMI-Ready Valve is an IP68-rated remote disconnect ball valve designed to integrate with any existing AMI platform. The AVS supports five-valve positions (OPEN, CLOSED, REDUCED FLOW 1, 2, 3).


  • Lower Cost Solution
  • 5-Positions (Open, Closed, 3 Reduced Flows)
  • Operate Directly from a Compatible 3rd Party AMI
  • Male / Female NPSM Swivel Nut Valve Body
  • Remotely Control Flow to your Service Locations
  • 20-year Battery Life | IP68 Rated for Submersion

The AQUAFLOW Smart Valve with integrated AMI endpoint provides 2-way communication between your service location and the Aquana Cloud-based web & mobile applications, supporting either Cellular LTE-M or LoRaWAN remote connectivity.


  • 3-Positions (Open, Closed, Reduced)
  • Modular, Meter Agnostic IP68 Ball Valve
  • Cellular LTE-M or LoRaWAN Connectivity
  • NPSM Swivel Nut Valve Body for Easy Installation
  • Single or Batch Valve Control
  • Integrated Water Meter Reading AMI Endpoint

Cloud- based Web and Mobile Apps

The Aquana cloud-based web and mobile apps enable you and your team to monitor and control water use from anywhere. setup real-time notifications, manage unlimited users, export
billing reports, configure leak and burst event actions, schedule
valve position commands one at a time or in batch, and more.

Control Water Service Remtely

The Aquana Smart Valve Allows you and your team to open, close or reduce the flow of water remotely without having to send a technician to the service location. Keeping employees safe. reduceing operation costs, and simplifying customer service.

Aquana is proud to partner with HydroPro Solutions. Our primary objective is to gain a deep understanding of your utility’s specific challenges and objectives, enabling us to customize the ideal blend of these solutions for maximum benefit. Interested in Aquana’s solutions? Contact HydroPro today!