Kaseya is the latest ransomware victim in a string of attacks that have also hit major fuel supplier Colonial Pipeline and meat processor JBS Foods, which could potentially cost tens of millions of dollars and affect more than 1,000 other companies.
Remote Hacker Caught Poisoning Florida City Water Supply.
The Israeli government has issued an alert to organizations in the water sector following a series of cyberattacks aimed at water facilities.


Detect and Prevent Water Network Issues

HydroPro Solutions provides Syrinix network monitoring equipment with a cloud-based data platform, advisory analysis, and management services. This enables water companies to detect and mitigate issues on water networks before they become more serious failures.

  • 128Hz sampling with precision timing provides high resolution data for network calming
  • Avoid data-overload and focus easily on what you need to with customizable alerts to highlight when important changes occur, including notification of a burst with location and size.
  • Powerful, highly intuitive “RADAR” user interface lets you see what you want and need in detail without lengthy training / roll-out programs.
  • Easily import third-party data into RADAR for a “single screen view” including water quality, pressure, flow and SCADA pump / valve status changes.

Founded in 2004, the award-winning Syrinix has grown to become a leader in the development and delivery of intelligent pipeline monitoring solutions. With Syrinix, utilities finally have the ability to become truly proactive in the operation and maintenance of their piping networks.

Syrinix provides utilities with the ability to improve the risk management of water pipelines.


PIPEMINDER-ONE combines accurate pressure monitoring at 128 samples per second, with high accuracy network synced time stamping. Improved processing capabilities enable smart transient event detection, with a highly reliable, future proof cellular connection that can make use of 2G, 3G and 4G networks.

PIPEMINDER-ONE is available for both clean water supply networks as well as wastewater systems (with the external sensor variant).


PIPEMINDER-H is a fully integrated, hydrant mounted 4G smart pressure monitoring tool, providing utilities with an understanding of pressure distribution and transient activity. The combination of this monitoring device, a web-based data integration platform (RADAR) and data interpretation via automated tools provides a new level of clarity and appreciation of network events and risks to supply.


PIPEMINDER-T monitors critical transmission mains, providing automated, high-resolution leak detection and locating in addition to transient and break detection. PIPEMINDER-T provides utilities with peace of mind that one-off survey tools cannot offer.


RADAR is our secure, cloud-based platform, combining powerful automated data analysis with a simple and easy to use interface. Data sets from all PIPEMINDER products are analyzed and displayed in RADAR. Whether configuring devices or analyzing pressure charts and leak reports, RADAR lets you do it all from your web browser, with nothing to install.

Information access is managed through a cloud-hosted software package that is accessible online.

This application is known as RADAR (Real Time Analysis of Data and Asset Risk). This application is designed for efficient deployment of the right mix of Syrinix monitoring units to best meet your utility’s needs. No need for expensive custom programming or dedicated equipment to access this information.


Please contact us so we may discuss how we may become your partner for the Syrinix Intelligent Pipeline Monitoring Solution.